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Our Mission

Our mission is to help more than 100,000 individuals become Financially-free through real estate investing. We want to change how people think about work and wealth. For this reason, we are pioneering a full-service approach to the real estate investment and finance industries. We have committed to supplying abundant content, a high level of service, and unrivaled transparency to all of our clients.
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Our Core Values

Every company should possess a set of principles that aid in decision-making as well as differentiate between right and wrong. For this reason, our values have been carefully crafted, studied, and implemented. Our goal is to nourish a fun and friendly environment where teamwork, client success, and innovation are most important. We aim to do what is right at every opportunity. We firmly believe that our company and our customers greatly benefit from this collective attitude.
Top Talent

Our Brand is the Most Valuable Thing We Own

Our reputation is everything, and every staff member has a stake in protecting our brand, and helping our business grow. Expect us to under-promise and over-deliver.


We Listen to Our Customers and Each Other

Continuous improvement is our duty. Open lines of communication with our clients and team allow us to develop services that consistently exceed every clients' expectations.

Customer Service

Customer Service is Our Way of Life

A business cannot exist without its customers. We value the opportunity to be in service to others and showcase our gratitude by committing to our clients' complete satisfaction.

Personal Brand

Integrity is the Foundation of Our Success

We achieve our highest level of service by providing education, resources, and representatives that clients can trust. Good business should come with a peace of mind.

How Do We Help Our Clients?

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Real Estate Funding

Awarding over $20 million in funding to qualified veteran and novice investors every year since 2015.

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Multi-Unit Acquisition

Securing a minimum 15% cash-on-cash return on all multifamily real estate investments for our clients.

A Message From Our Team

Since launching our vlog in 2014, we have strived to be the premier real estate investment company in the nation. We offer a full-service real estate funding, consulting, and investing program. Now, also known as a content hub, we provide educational and actionable resources for our community: including ebooks, property analyzers, webinars, articles, and blogs.

We value our clients. We consistently satisfy their needs by developing services that they not only want but services that quickly deliver results.