Put Your Business on Autopilot and Fly to New Heights

If you can perfect just one business, then that can open more doors for you to start more businesses.  For example, if you’ve done something remarkable such as buy enough real estate to the point you no longer need a day job, then you can quit your job and just run your real estate business full time. However, you can also create another business out of that former business.


Being that you quit your job by investing in real estate, there’s a market out there for others who are looking to do the same.  You can create another business (assuming you have your real estate business on autopilot and it’s not as demanding on your time) consulting others how they can copy your steps.  The information and experiences you gained can be sold online in the form of eBooks, coaching, webinars, and in-person seminars to name a few.

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The Importance of Extending Value

As an entrepreneur, your main focus should be to extend value.  As long as you’re extending value, you really cannot lose financially unless you’re terrible at closing deals.


If you can manage to extend value on a consistent basis, then clients will continue to do business with you assuming you market it right.  There’s no point extending value or knowing how to close deals if potential clients aren’t aware of your product or business.


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Test and Adjust any New Business Idea

As an entrepreneur, you probably tend to focus a lot of your attention on growing the business.  You brainstorm new ideas and may even try them out for a while to see if sales grow, any increase in revenue, or if there is a rise in profits.  A lot of testing is required before the actual implementation of new ideas occurs.

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The Truth About Entrepreneurship

Getting started as an entrepreneur can be hard work.  You may have to keep your day job for a while in order to pay your bills.  However, the downside is, any newfound business will need a lot of attention. That may mean working on your business during lunch hours, nights, and weekends without seeing any immediate returns.


I worked on my startup business while at my day job when no one at the job was looking.  I set up a system in which if someone called my Google voice number, which I used as my business line, it rang not only my cell phone but my work phone as well.  I always had to pretend the calls were work-related. Looking back, I realize that wasn’t a best practice and I don’t recommend you doing the same.


After working on my business during my 9-5, I would do additional work as soon as I got home unless I went to a networking event. I’d go home and exercise, look at a deal, speak to listing agents, email updated personal financial statements to my mortgage lender, read books, talk to tenants, coordinate repairs with contractors, and the list goes on.


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Poor Credit Goes Hand in Hand with Race and Gender

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Diary of a Real Estate Entrepreneur – My Journey towards Financial Freedom – Episode 21

Becoming Replaceable


Oftentimes, we think of ourselves as being irreplaceable when it comes to running a business. Certainly, in the beginning, the business does need us. Your startup needs you to be a janitor, sales rep, clerk, administrator, marketer,  COO, as well as the CEO and any other role you can think of.


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Diary of a Real Estate Entrepreneur – My Journey towards Financial Freedom – Episode 20

Breaking the Broke Mentality


Many of you starting out in business may be broke. This could be a good thing. Having limited resources will force you to be resourceful if you have a burning desire for success.


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entrepreneur vs self employed

Entrepreneur vs Self Employed Mindset


Many entrepreneurs are visionaries. They begin with an idea for the business in mind. Later, they reach out to others to make the idea a reality.

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Diary of a Real Estate Entrepreneur – My Journey towards Financial Freedom – Episode 18

Getting Paid to Have Fun


In order to get paid for what you love to do, you have to bring one of two things to the table: A following or content; preferably both. When you have one, if not both, you can really make money.


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Don’t Let Poor Credit Lower Your Quality of Living

poor credit

If your credit is bad, you may get denied


Our society runs on credit. It takes a mortgage lender to extend credit to finance that first or second home you want, without you having to exhaust your entire savings on the down payment.


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