Diary of a Real Estate Entrepreneur – My Journey towards Financial Freedom – Episode 18

By Juan Pablo on February, 15 2018
Juan Pablo

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Getting Paid to Have Fun


In order to get paid for what you love to do, you have to bring one of two things to the table: A following or content; preferably both. When you have one, if not both, you can really make money.


As an online entrepreneur, I get paid to have fun.



While others are on social media for personal reasons, I’m on social media for business reasons. I am on social media mainly to market my business by connecting with people.


I’m on social media as a producer and not as a consumer. When I’m done producing content and going through comments on my closed Facebook groups, I’ll scroll through my news feed to see what’s happening!


If you enjoy being on social media, as much as I do, then why not get paid to do it? There’s no point in having 5000 followers, subscribers, friends, etc., and you’re not making a penny off of it.


You can easily monetize your following by adding affiliate marketing to your business model. If you do not know what your followers want and can’t figure out an affiliate product to offer, then survey them.


People will tell you what they want if you ask. It’s always better to find a demand and fulfill it than to have a product and offer it to everyone to see if they want to buy it.


It’s okay if you don’t have a social following; as long as you have content, you can monetize it. Not only do I get paid to interact with social media I also get paid to host events.


I enjoy personal interaction; whether I book the event for my own following or host the event for someone else, I still make money from it.


If you need coaching on how to get paid for what you love to do like I do, then sign up for our coaching program below and don’t forget to sign up to be an affiliate of 100 Percent Financed.

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