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The Entrepreneur VS Self-Employed Mindset

By Juan Pablo on February, 15 2018
Juan Pablo

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entrepreneur vs self employed

Entrepreneur vs Self Employed Mindset


Many entrepreneurs are visionaries. They begin with an idea for the business in mind. Later, they reach out to others to make the idea a reality.

Most entrepreneurs understand that they cannot do everything on their own and that they need multiple people to make it work. Help is often needed in the areas of funding, expertise and carrying the vision forward.



Entrepreneurs are the synergistic glue that brings all these pieces together. They appreciate the differences and diversity among people that make business happen.


Some entrepreneurs may not be so good making their dream a reality and must depend on others to make their ideas concrete.


The worst entrepreneurs, in my opinion, are those who try to do everything by themselves (not because they don’t have the resources, but because they don’t trust others can do the job as good as them).


Actually, they really are just self-employed people in entrepreneur clothing. True entrepreneurs understand that they need to depend on teams, systems, and people to make the dream work.


They understand that in order to grow, they may have to outsource certain activities that fall under their wing to someone else with greater or sometimes lesser skill. Just so they can focus on building the business.


Self-employed people have a hard time doing this. They prefer to stay small, for staying small means not having to do additional work. Additional work means more hours and more stress since they tend to perform many activities themselves.


If you have a skill or trade and want to start a business, you may start off performing all activities yourself. This is fine since most entrepreneurs are everything from the CEO to the janitor in the beginning.


However, your goal is to slowly but surely outsource activities to others while you focus on just owning and growing your business.

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