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Get Paid to Have Fun: How to Profit from Social Media

By The 100 Percent Financed Team on May, 26 2017
The 100 Percent Financed Team

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In order to get paid to have fun, you have to bring one of two things to the table: a following or content.  If you have either of these items and it’s better to have both, you can take advantage of social media and really profit from what you love to do.


As an online entrepreneur, I get paid to have fun.  While others are on social media for personal reasons, I’m on social media for business marketing as well as to connect with people.

Basically, this means that the majority of my time I spend on social media is as a producer and not as a consumer.  Don’t get me wrong; there are times when I’m finished producing content and answering messages and comments on my closed Facebook groups that I’ll scroll through my news feed to see what’s going on.

So, even if you really just enjoy being on social media, there’s still no point in having 5000 followers, subscribers and friends if you’re not making money off of it in this day and age.

Monetizing your following can be as easy as joining an affiliate marketing program. If you don’t know what your followers want and cannot figure out which affiliate product to offer them, do a survey.  People will generally tell you what they want.  It’s always better to find a demand first and fill that need than to have ordered a large volume of inventory hoping one day someone will buy it.

It’s perfectly okay if you don’t have a social following.  As long as you have content you can monetize it. Content equates to the value you can extend to the marketplace for a set price. You can take your content and partner with someone who already has a following. Maybe there is an individual at your workplace you have an established relationship with, or you have an outgoing family member with a lot of followers. Either of these people can be an ideal partner.

Getting paid to have fun is tangible, but it does require having followers or content or both, and it isn’t without cost. You will need a website, marketing material, inventory, or digital products as well as financing to set up your business to meet state laws.

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