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How to Play the Entrepreneurship Game and Win

By The 100 Percent Financed Team on June, 24 2017
The 100 Percent Financed Team

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To win at being an entrepreneur, you have to be extremely confident. You must settle in your mind that no one around you is better than you, and it’s an equal playing field.


This may prove difficult for women since women tend to be more humble and less likely to be overconfident. Men tend to take credit for their success and blame their failures on someone else. Women are typically the opposite of this by taking credit for their failures and giving credit to someone else for their successes.

Success and failure is really the learning curve every entrepreneur can take advantage of. It’s the gauge that can be used to measure one’s ability on whether they did a great job or not. And the more a person fails, the more information they have available to use for their improvement.

The unfortunate thing is that when women fail, they are less likely to try again, unlike their male counterpart. They may also give up on their dream of being an entrepreneur. Women tend to become disheartened, which is certainly understandable and sometimes work in their favor because they are less likely to go down that same dead-end path again. Whereas men may keep trying to succeed at a failed business over and over again, losing money in the process.

Even though there appears to be quite a difference between how men and women approach entrepreneurship, the common factor that both genders need to succeed is to have and display an abundance of confidence. Studies show that being overconfident increases a person’s social status, and they are more likely to be respected and influential in the business arena.

To become more confident and win in the entrepreneurial game of life, start by implementing these five simple behaviors into your daily routine:

  1. Make good first impressions: Smile, use good posture and give great eye contact. Body language is the most powerful way of communicating confidence to others.
  2. Accept compliments graciously: Never downplay yourself or your accomplishments. This allows others the opportunity to sow into your life, and it shows you are appreciative of what others think of you.
  3. Do not brag about yourself: Confident people do not need to constantly remind others of how great they are and about the great things they’ve done. It’s the insecure individual that needs constant reaffirming.
  4. Always talk positively: No one wants to take on your problems; they have problems of their own. Being critical and complaining doesn’t help you in any way. Turn your thoughts to something positive so that the centerpiece of your conversation is profitable to all, and it helps you to be more solution oriented.
  5. Don’t dwell on the negative: Thinking about difficulties and disappointments can halt your progress. Start taking action to fix the problem. For instance, if you run out of money apply for business credit that can easily convert to cash.

Everyone experiences setbacks in life and business, but the confident person sees it as an opportunity to grow and get better while still making a valuable contribution to society.

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