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Talk May Be Cheap, But it Drives Sales

By The 100 Percent Financed Team on June, 24 2017
The 100 Percent Financed Team

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You may have heard the old saying, “talk is cheap, but it takes money to buy a farm.” In the business world, talk can be expensive regarding how it can help increase your sales and attract interest to your brand. So what does this really mean?


It means that as a business owner you have to speak your customers’ language by getting to the point without wasting their time. People want to know what it is that you do, who do you serve and how you deliver your product or service in the most clearest possible terms.

If a customer doesn’t understand you, they won’t buy from you; a point, blank, period. You may be thinking, “Who doesn’t want to be on the cutting edge creating new terminology specific to their business?”

That may work for the big dogs, but for small business, it isn’t as convenient. Learning a new language takes time; time customers don’t want to invest. The downside is that you may lose them to your competitors.

Speaking your customers’ language means not trying to look smart. That can come across as being pompous, even though that isn’t your intention. You may be used to talking technical jargon, but that can turn customers’ off and lose their trust. People want to communicate with someone who understands them.

There are three things you can do to improve communication with your customers:

  1. Learn to Listen: Customers have their own way of dealing with problems based on their experiences. Your job is to take the time to understand things from the customers’ perspective and implement their language into your business model. This can be accomplished by simply picking up on key terms and phrases that they use continually to describe their situation and needs.
  2. Start Connecting: The only way to really understand what your customer wants and to give them the best possible service is by interacting with them. Even though you are the expert, your customers can teach you a thing or two if you are willing to open up and consider their feedback. Looking from the outside in often proves helpful, because they may see things you have overlooked.
  3. Use the Right Communication Tool: Depending on your industry, using the right medium of communication is key. It’s up to you to decide which method is the fastest and least obtrusive to your customers. Is it better for your business and will it make your customers happier if you communicate with them via phone, email, or in person?

To be successful in business and bring in the sales, you as the business owner must take customer communication seriously. Customers are conditioned to expect interaction and service. This can simply be accomplished by learning to speak their language, and in turn, they will engage with your brand.

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