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The Importance of Extending Value

By Juan Pablo on March, 15 2018
Juan Pablo

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As an entrepreneur, your main focus should be to extend value.  As long as you’re extending value, you really cannot lose financially unless you’re terrible at closing deals.

If you can manage to extend value on a consistent basis, then clients will continue to do business with you assuming you market it right. There’s no point extending value or knowing how to close deals if potential clients aren’t aware of your product or business.

Therefore, you must continuously market. However, you just can’t market to everyone because that can be expensive.  Not everyone will be your client. You’ll have to target your marketing to a certain demographic. Once you pinpoint your demographic or niche, focus all of your marketing efforts and value towards them. 

Keep presenting them with enough value that they become a customer of yours and in turn, they become your marketers by word of mouth within their circle of family, friends and business associates.  As you can see there’s a system in play.

What’s your value?

There are 3 simple ways to provide value:

1. Give information that's helpful without expecting anything in return.

2. Teach by offering mentorship in some capacity in your field of interest or expertise

3. Contribute to others success by connecting individuals you know to each to help build their businesses

In turn, you will be creating lasting relationships, even for yourself. 

Finally, monetize your value at a reasonable price. Sell this value for a reasonable price to your ideal market/ niche, and continue to do it until your customers spread the word and bring more customers your way. 

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