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Business Credit Cards Program Overview

A short-term financing option that comes in the form of physical credit cards. This funding solution is ideal for start-ups and novice investors in need of working capital or down payment assistance. Uses can include but are not limited to debt transfer, marketing campaigns, inventory purchases, and reserves. The cards may also be converted into cash for real estate investing, or other business ventures requiring cash-only payments or deposits.
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Our Unique Model

  • Relationships with 200+ national, regional, and local lenders to secure the highest possible approval amounts  
  • In-depth insight regarding how to best utilize your award for real estate investing, as well as specific instruction on how to get approved for semi-annual line increases
  • Guaranteed top-tier lender approvals to ensure the lowest rates and instant approvals
  • Recorded approval analytics that help us select your ideal lenders and limit the amount of hard inquiries added to your credit profile 
  • No restriction on use; all products can be used the same as cash.
  • All clients are provided a detailed credit assessment along with corresponding action plans for improvement
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Frequently Asked Questions


- Flexible spending and approval amounts up to $250,000

- Instant access to capital

- Receive funding within 3 weeks of applying

- Funding can be used for any purpose without lender approval

- No income verification or tax returns required

Costs Overview

- No upfront or consultation fees

- Interest rates (APR) as low as 8.99%

- 0% interest rate on the cards for the first 6-12 months

- 12.75% success fee once our process has been finalized

- Credit limit increase requests are not subject to fees

Minimum Requirements

- 680+ credit scores

- At least 3 years personal credit history

- No bankruptcies or foreclosures on credit report

- Less than 30% debt-to-credit ratio

- No minor delinquencies in the past 2 years

- At least 1 major credit card

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Business Credit Map

States Where We Offer Business Credit Cards

Check out the map to see if your state qualifies. Questions? Contact
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