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Business Lines of Credit

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Business Lines of Credit Overview

A short-term financing option and revolving line of credit for seasoned businesses with strong, verifiable revenues. Great for business needs requiring immediate attention and large amounts of capital. Uses can include but are not limited to financing payroll, covering large purchase orders, or paying contractors.
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Business Lines of Credit Benefits

  • No collateral required for approval
  • Lines of credit do not appear on your personal credit report
  • Interest that only accrues on the funds used
  • Approval amounts up to $1M and low monthly payments
  • Lines or credit can be drawn on multiple times
  • Provides business owners with flexible spending and immediate liquidity
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Frequently Asked Questions


- National lending for business owners operating in multiple markets

- Instant access to capital at any time

- Receive funding within 6 weeks of applying

- Funding received can be used for any purpose without lender approval

Costs Overview

No upfront or consultation fees

Interest rates (APR) as low as 6%, annually

Lines may be subject to lender closing costs and annual reviews

Interest only payments on most lines

12.75% success fee our process has been finalized

Minimum Requirements

- 730+ credit scores

- 10+ years of personal credit history

- No bankruptcies or foreclosures on your credit report

- Business entity must be at least 2 years of age

- Tax returns must prove $300k gross income for the past 2 years

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States Where We Offer Business Lines of Credit

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