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Business Credit Webinar
Business Credit Webinar

Are you interested in learning more about business credit and how it can benefit you financially? Watch our business credit webinar and learn from 100PF founder Juan Pablo as he covers everything you need to know about business credit.

Download the Property Deal Analyzer

Do you want to evaluate the financial performance of a property you're looking to invest in? Our deal analyzer is a comprehensive tool that utilizes the following information to calculate the financial performance of a property.

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Letter of Intent (LOI) Document

Use this document to submit an opening offer on any investment property you're looking to purchase. It outlines understanding between you and the seller and informs the seller of your intent to progress toward a purchase.

Quit Your Day Job
Quit Your Day Job

There are many books available that teach you about Real Estate, but this book is a comprehensive step-by-step guide to acquire passive income to “Quit Your Day Job” in 5 years or less through Real - Estate Investing. Access your FREE copy of chapter one.

How to Calculate Your Financial Starting Point

When it comes to the road to financial freedom, the first step is to calculate where you're starting out financially. If you're struggling with calculating your starting point, here are 5 tips to help get you started.

How to Calculate Your Financial Destination

Just like any journey, once you calculate your financial starting point, the next step is to calculate your financial destination. But how do you calculate your financial destination? Here are a few tips below to help guide you on your journey.

10 Key Principles to Guide You on Your Financial Journey

Here are 10 key principles that have helped many accomplished investors, entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders on their financial journey. We hope that these principles will help you on your journey as well.

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[Video] How to Use Business Credit to Buy Real Estate

In this video, JP instructs how you should finance your rental properties with 100 Percent Financing. Furthermore, he breaks down the math on how you can obtain a multi-family real estate property using business credit.

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Low-Doc Mortgage: The Answer for the Wholesaler Looking to Become a Buy & Hold Investor

Borrowers nationwide, whether a wholesaler, new business owner, or investor, looking for alternative funding options will be happy to hear that they can now buy or refinance a home with much more flexible qualifying requirements through Low-Doc Mortgages.

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Why Real Estate is an I.D.E.A.L. Investment

When executed correctly, real estate is one of the most profitable business ventures, offering limitless earning potential. Here are 5 reasons why so many investors consider real estate an IDEAL investment.

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[Video] 3 Secrets to Boosting Your FICO Score

In this video, Juan Pablo breaks down the importance of a strong credit score and let's you in on 3 secrets to boosting your current credit score so you can start your New Year off right.

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How Can Business Credit Cards Benefit My Business?

Regardless of your business’s age, size, or industry, one of the simplest and most attainable methods of financially supporting your company is signing up for a business credit card. Here are 4 reasons why you business can benefit from obtaining business credit cards.

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[Video] 3 Pillars Of Financial Freedom For The New Year

In this video, Juan Pablo teaches you that it doesn't take a lifetime to achieve financial freedom. These 3 key pillars will provide you with the mindset needed to take your real estate investing journey to new heights.

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3 Benefits of Using Business Credit with a Personal Guarantee

A personal guarantee is an agreement you make with your creditor to personally pay your business’s debts if your company doesn’t. Using business credit with a personal guarantee does have its advantages, so check out these 3 benefits of using business credit with a personal guarantee.

6 Ways to Convert Business Credit Into Cash

Converting business credit cards into cash is one of the most popular methods used by real estate investors for down payment money, but how do you convert business credit cards into cash? Here are 6 ways that can help you convert your business credit into cash.

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[Video] Stop Wasting Time With Residential Mortgages! Commercial Is The Way.

In this video, Juan Pablo discusses the value of investing in commercial mortgage for multi-unit properties over investing in residential properties. 

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[Video] How To Use A Hard Money Loan for Fix & Flip

In this video, Juan Pablo explains how to properly execute a fix and flip with hard money.

3 Steps to Get a Deal Under Contract
3 Steps to Get a Deal Under Contract

You’ve found the money and the deal. Now, it’s time to make an offer on the property that you’ve had your eyes on. Here are the 3 steps you will need to perform to get a deal under contract.

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[Video] Cash Flow: The Most Important Factor in Multi-Family Real Estate

In this video, Juan Pablo teaches you about cash-on-cash return and how you can get the most bang for your buck when investing in multi-family properties.

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The 4 Laws of Negotiating Purchase Price and Terms

Whether you are investing in a home for yourself or purchasing an investment property, how you negotiate a deal can make the difference between a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars in the actual purchase price. When it comes to negotiating the purchase price and terms, here are 4 laws you never want to violate.

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[Video] How to Negotiate $100,000 Off of Your Purchase Price

In this video, Juan Pablo explains how to properly negotiate the purchase price with the seller.

Initial Offer Blog
4 Tips to Calculating Your Initial Offer Amount

When it comes to the initial offer, the first move won’t determine the game, but it will surely set the tone. Here are 4 tips to crafting your initial offer.