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Credit Repair Program

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Credit Repair Program Overview

A comprehensive program designed to increase the credit scores and overall borrowing worthiness of current and future investors. A refined and aggressive strategy, backed by Federal Laws protecting consumers, is executed to dispute and remove negative, inaccurate, unverifiable, outdated, or misleading items from their credit reports.
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Our Unique Model

  • Get in-depth understanding of our process, expectations, goals, and best practices during our thorough client onboarding process
  • Schedule monthly, 1-on-1 appointments for detailed reviews of your credit file with our dedicated Client Success Team
  • Access your credit file scores and updates at anytime using our secure, online client portal
  • Receive bi-monthly notifications detailing industry standards and recommendations that will help to improve your credit standing 
  • Benefit from our 6-round credit repair process where we dispute all items negatively impacting your scores, every round
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Frequently Asked Questions


- Results typically occur within the first 30 days of service

- Remove late-pays, collections, charge-offs, repossessions, and public records such as judgments and bankruptcies

Qualify for mortgages and funding options with favorable lending terms such as low-interest rates, high approval amounts, and non-collateral agreements

Costs Overview

- No upfront or consultation fees

- No service fee for real estate funding consultation and pre-approval letter or action items

- One-time, $200.00 audit fee

- $99.99/month (6-month maximum)

- Fees are typically associated with our preferred credit monitoring services 

Our Process

- Round 1: Verification

- Round 2: Reinvestigation

- Round 3: Method of Verification

- Round 4: Verification Request to Original Creditors

- Round 5: Demand for Deletion with CFPB & FTC

- Round 6: File CFPB complaint on items not removed

How it Works

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We perform a thorough analysis. Once any and all inaccurate negative information is identified, we implement an action plan to improve your standing.

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We challenge all inaccurate and unverifiable information with the bureaus, creditors, and collectors. Dispute letters are sent to all parties.

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If an item remains or is reported as verified, we continue to aggressively pursue the entities responsible for reporting the unjustified information.

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