How Can I Assist With My Credit Repair Process?

5 Participation Steps to Improve Your Credit

  1. Continue to pay bills and card balances on at their due dates or prior: Do not neglect your current bills or open accounts. Ignoring them hurts your credit as well as hinders possible future results.
  2. Avoid applying for any financing: New accounts and credit inquiries can cause delays in the bureaus' investigation process.
  3. Email bureau and creditor correspondence that you receive to Correspondence will itemize updates and explain why the bureau or creditor is choosing to delete or maintain accounts. Our team will evaluate and use all responses to craft your next round of disputes.
  4. Remain current with your credit monitoring service subscription: We’ll use your account to dispute items as they appear. Please inform us of any username or password updates/changes to your credit monitoring service subscription.
  5. Log into your secure client portal: Review your credit file updates and scores.