How do I Secure a Discounted Rate for My Credit Monitoring Service?

Brief instruction providing an action plan for securing a discounted rate with a credit monitoring service provider.

Every credit monitoring service company is different, however, we have identified that some companies offer discounted rates if requested or insinuated by the customer.

To attempt, please follow the instruction below:

1. Contact YOUR credit monitoring service provider to speak with a representative:

2. Inform the representative that you love the trial, however, you cannot afford their current monthly rate.

3. Next, ask the representative, "Do you all offer a discounted rate?".

Typically, representatives will confirm your new, monthly rate. If for whatever reason, a representative does not offer you an update pricing arrangements, hang up and call back to try again with a different representative.

If a second attempt is unsuccessful, do not worry. In this situation, your credit standing and the ability to monitor your standing on a monthly basis is most important. Keep the service and move on.

BEST PRACTICE: Be certain to request a discounted rate before your initial trial ends.