How Does Plastiq Work?

Brief insight into the process and how it works.

Plastiq allows you to use your credit cards to pay expenses or contractors that do not accept credit cards.

Here's a breakdown of how works below:

1. Tell Plastiq who you want to pay

Your recipient doesn’t need a Plastiq account. You'll only need to provide:

  • Recipient name and bill information
  • Recipient address or direct deposit details
  • Payment amount

2.Plastiq charges your card

Plastiq receives a small fee for each transaction.

  • Charged as a purchase, not cash advance
  • 2.5% transaction fee for credit cards
  • No membership fees

3. Plastiq pays on your behalf

Your recipient gets paid by check, wire transfer, or ACH transfer.

  • Recipient receives payment
  • You get an email notification
  • Track updates in your account

This, by far, is becoming one of the MOST popular methods of converting credit to cash. With minimal fees, you can wire your converted funds within 24 hours of your transaction.