How Do I Increase my Credit Card Limit?

A soft script detailing how to increase your credit limits.

Obtaining a credit line/limit increase is simple, you just have to request one. Requesting a higher limit can lower your utilization percentage and increase your probability of getting approved for future financing. In some cases, limit increases can be secured WITHOUT resulting in a hard pull on your credit profile.

Here's 4 Statements that Help Get You Approved for Credit Limit Increases:

  1. "I'd like to use the account as an operating account for my business. At this time, my expenses are higher than my current limit. The increase would better accommodate my growing business needs."
    Tip: Your new limits can be utilized for any purpose, however, we recommend using the statement above to improve your chances of receiving an increase.
  2. "I want to request an increase for more than double my current limit. Please increase the amount to ___________."
    Tip: If your current limit is $1,000, requesting an extremely specified amount like $2,617 or $3,553, for example, would suggest that you responsibly track and predict your spending. This, in turn, would increase your chances of being awarded the requested increase.
  3. "I want to incorporate paid ads into the marketing efforts for my business. I would need the increased limits to do so."
    Tip: As stated, even if this in not the reason for needing your line increase, using this statement can help secure an approval.
  4. "I would like to request an increase to my current credit limit. I would like this done as a courtesy − without adding an additional hard inquiry to my report. To provide you with some insight, I am in the process of getting approved for a mortgage and purchasing a new home. Unfortunately, I cannot afford any new inquiries at this time."
    Tip: Even if you are not currently moving forward with a mortgage, using this statement may prevent lenders from doing a hard pull on your credit.


In any case, should a representative denies your request or is unable to assist; escalate your concern by asking to speak with a supervisor or other representative that can help. Then, repeat this process with the new contact.