How Do I Remove Addresses From My Credit Report?

Step-by-step instructions for removing addresses from your credit profile

  1. First, contact the credit bureau of your choice and request to speak with a representative
  2. Once connected, request that the personal information appearing on your credit profile be updated
  3. Next, inform the representative that there are addresses present on your credit profile for which you have never occupied (lived at or resided at)
  4. Then, provide the representative with a single address. This should be the exact address you'd prefer to remain or be placed on your credit profile
  5. Repeat steps #1-4 for all applicable credit bureaus (any of the 3 major bureaus that have more than the single address of your preference listed on your credit profile)


- Be certain to request removal of any addresses associated with negative accounts, especially public records such as bankruptcies and judgements.

- Credit bureau representatives may inform you that address removal cannot be done or refuse your request, altogether. If this happens, politely end your communication with the current representative. Then, call back in attempt to communicate with a different, yet cooperative representative.

- Address removal is not a solution to your credit challenges, however, completing the process may aid in removing negative accounts.