Multi-unit Acquisition Program (MAP): Policy and Expectations

Brief insight into the Multi-unit Acquisition Program's (MAP) policy and expectations.

Requirements (client):

Your primary focus is to keep up with the acquisition process as well as our findings by diligently engaging in our correspondence and thoroughly reviewing all documents delivered to you.

  1. Be responsive. Practice open and clear communication throughout the program.
  2. Complete all tasks and assigned payment arrangements no later than the date specified by your Acquisition Coordinator, and only as instructed.
  3. Retain your stated amount of investment capital that was committed at the initiation of the program.
  4. All submitted documents must be clear and legible.


Requirements (100 Percent Financed):

Our primary focus is to provide a full-service program, equipping you with a cash-flowing asset. We will provide clear, step-by-step instruction throughout the process to ensure that we adhere to deadlines, legal and compliance regulations, and the 100 Percent Financed investment standards.

  1. Funding. We secure a mortgage, and in many cases owner-financing, with favorable terms. We supply access to business credit cards that can be used for downpayment assistance, reserves, or soft costs. Our funding is not limited to traditional means. We also reduce down payment costs through rent prorations and due diligence credits.
  2. Deal Analysis and Negotiation. We close a cash-flowing, multi-unit property on your behalf. The property will yield a, minimum, 15% cash-on-cash return, a maximum cap rate of 10%, and possess a net operating income (NOI) of at least $100 per unit. Properties are located in a C area or better.
  3. Due Diligence. We commit to investigating all aspects of property performance, physical and financial. We validate the accuracy of rental income and expenses, potential value-adds and other forced appreciation opportunities, and inspection codes related to the property's physical state.
  4. Deal Presentation and Closing Instructions. We only present investment opportunities that meet our company's standard of investing. Should you express aversion to moving forward with a presented deal, we will present another deal qualified by the same standards. But be mindful, deals are presented on a first-come, first-serve basis.