What are the Financial Freedom Principles?

An inspirational allegory that illustrates 23 key principles that should be studied and executed to achieve Financial Freedom.


You have a very important meeting with Mr. & Mrs. Cash Flow to close a huge deal at the Financial Freedom Building. Closing will help you become Financially Free. Unfortunately, you’re behind schedule and cannot be late.

Below are 23 principles that must be taken to ultimately reach your goal:

  1. Flustered and in a rush, you jump into your car. No one is looking but you consider safety and put your seatbelt on anyway.  BE IN INTEGRITY
  2. To get clear and refocused, you start listening to Quit Your Day Job audiobook, plugging your smartphone into your media outlet.  LOVE TO LEARN
  3. Just before pulling off, your team unexpectedly joins you. They look to support you anyway possible.  BUILD A CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM
  4. Feeling a but relieved, you check your gauges, mirrors, and surrounding area prior to departing.  EVALUATE CONSEQUENCES UPFRONT
  5. While leaving the parking lot you consider the best route in terms of distance, traffic, & tolls.  PURSUE THE MONEY IN IDEAS
  6. Now on the road, you immediately hit traffic. In fear of being tardy, you exit the next loop and seek another route.  FIND THE LOOPHOLES
  7. Finally, you arrive at the Financial Freedom Building and must park. Do you valet or self-park?  MANAGE YOUR RESOURCES EFFECTIVELY
  8. Rushing, you reverse-park without checking your mirrors. You strike a pole and dent your bumper.  MAKE MISTAKES BUT LEARN FROM THEM
  9. Somehow you maintain focus and run to the Financial Freedom Building. Slipping on a shoelace, you bruise your knee.  DEVELOP A THICK SKIN
  10. Limping and all, you approach an entrance. A guard requests that you scan your ID badge to enter.  DEVELOP A UNIQUE IDENTITY
  11. Now entering, paparazzi suddenly impedes your progress. Luckily, your team distracts them and you move on.  PUBLICITY IS YOUR BEST FRIEND
  12. All the excitement makes you thirsty. You stop at a fountain instead of purchasing bottled water from a nearby vending machine.  FRUGALITY PAYS
  13. Almost forgetting and cutting it close, you dart to the nearest copier to duplicate your presentation.  COPYING IS BETTER THAN INNOVATION
  14. Yikes! No paper. So you grab a hand truck to retrieve the huge stacks of paper from the supply room. You're a problem-solver.  USE LEVERAGE
  15. Finished, you enter the elevator and see a sign posted, “Your Level of Success Rarely Exceeds Your Level of Development.” CONTINUE TO GROW
  16. You reflect on this message deeply as you rise to the highest level on the elevator: the penthouse suite. SET HIGH GOALS
  17. The elevator shakes intensely as you're rising. You tightly grip on your presentation. Your life depends on it.  HOLD ON TO YOUR EQUITY
  18. Thankfully, you still make it. But now, the elevator won’t open! So you pry the doors open with all your might.  HARD WORK IS ESSENTIAL
  19. Drenched in sweat, you exit the elevator. Great news, this floor has air conditioning, and towels for freshening up a bit.  ENJOY THE PURSUIT
  20. Refreshed, you get to the gated entry with an asleep receptionist! You knock loud and louder until he lets you in.  REPETITION BREEDS MASTERY
  21. You’re right on time, closing the deal without a hitch. Mr. & Mrs. Cash Flow prepare to whip out the champaign. CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESS
  22. Before it pops, you and your team are invited to a premier sporting event starting in minutes. But the paparazzi awaits downstairs. Fortunately, Mr. & Mrs. Cash Flow are wise and direct all to a hidden exit leading to their helicopter.  HAVE MULTIPLE EXIT STRATEGIES
  23. Everyone happily enters the helicopter and fly high into the sky on their way to the big game. PLAY A BIGGER GAME