What Happens When An Account is Verified by the Bureaus?

Brief detail about accounts verified by the credit bureaus.

A verified account is an account reporting on your profile that the credit bureaus have deemed 100% accurate. According to the FCRA, consumers have the right to request the method of verification of any credit dispute they believe the credit bureaus did not properly investigate.

When the bureaus have made a claim that an account on your credit profile is verified, the next step is to demand proof that supports their claim. The credit bureau must give you the method of verification information within 15 days of your request.

If the bureaus are not able to validate the accuracy of their claim with proper documentation, they are not permitted to report the account and will have to remove it from your credit report.

Our responsibility is to represent you throughout this verification process. We will make certain that the bureaus provide proof of accuracy (required documentation) for any alleged accounts. If they cannot, we demand that the bureaus delete the account from your report.