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Real Estate Line of Credit Program Overview

A short-term financing option and revolving line of credit that investors can use to purchase and rehab non-owner occupied properties. Approved investors are only required to apply once every 365 days. Once approved for this financing option, investors may draw cash for rehab (fix & flip) investment projects, as needed.
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Real Estate Line of Credit Benefits

  • No collateral required for approval
  • Locked-in interest rates that only accrue on the funds used
  • Approval amounts from $300k up to $3M
  • The line of credit can be drawn on multiple times
  • Flexibility to optimize your real estate investment strategy
  • Provides investors with the financial capacity to quickly close on a property
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Frequently Asked Questions


- National lending for investors operating in multiple markets

- Underwriting for the line of credit occurs only once every 365 days

- Receive funding within 3 weeks of applying

- Funding can be used for property purchase and rehab

Costs Overview

No upfront or consultation fees

Interest rates as low as 6.99%

3 Origination points due at close of each property

10% down payment on residential properties

20% down payment on commercial properties

Minimum Requirements

680+ credit scores

No bankruptcies or foreclosures on your credit report

Must have closed on 1 property in the past 24 months.

Must prove $50,000 in liquidity (cash)

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States Where We Offer Real Estate Lines of Credit

Check out the map to see if your state qualifies. Questions? Contact info@100percentfinanced.com
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